Trustworthy reviews – how we rank products

Trustworthy Reviews is proud to use its own unique ranking system which offers extensive in-house review and evaluation on a wide range of products. Some of the things we take into account when reviewing the latest health and wellness trends include ingredient safety, projected effectiveness of the product, value for money, customer service and and return policies. We then combine this with customer satisfaction, feedback and reviews from shoppers just like yourself on other reliable review sites such as TrustPilot.


We carefully assess the ingredients of each and every product we review against the latest ingredient safety databases. This helps to determine correct dosage limits and helps to ensure safety, as well as ensuring that we never feature a product that contains any banned substances.

2. Projected Effectiveness:

We study various medical databases and rigorously review independent clinical trials to compare the safe and effective active ingredient dosages of every product reviewed on this website with the product labelling to help ensure we measure the projected effectiveness of the product accurately.

3. Value FOR MONEY:

We thoroughly check each product for the amount of active ingredient contained within – subtracting fillers that have no benefit – as some products that may seem better value can sometimes be misleading. The value of the product depends on the amount of active key ingredients contained within vs inactive fillers. Some brands also have special offers if you purchase multiple packs, or frequently have sales for existing customers – we take this into account.


A brand with a strong returns policy and effective customer service demonstrates that a brand is confident in what it is selling and protects you in case something happens to go wrong. It is important that if you are not satisfied you will be able to get a refund, so we assess and rank the returns policy of each product by testing the number of days they allow you to return a product, the return conditions, and also the refund amount applied.

5. Customer HAPPINESS:

Customer satisfaction rankings are provided by our group of Trustworthy Reviewers authors share their own ranking and reviews based on their own unique personal experience with the product, along with reviewing the brands publicly available reviews on trusted third-parties such as TrustPilot.


We love exploring the latest health and wellness trends and we’re always on the lookout for new products to review on Trustworthy Reviews. If you have any suggestion for a product or brand that you feel deserves our recognition, then please contact us via email or using the Contact Us form on this website. Although our reviews have limited time and resources, we will then review the product suggested to see if it is suitable to stick onto our upcoming products to review.