Product Review: Jointace® Max by Vitabiotics


Trustworthy Reviews take a closer look at Jointace® Max – one of the UK’s best-selling joint supplements. But does it really deliver?  Image: Vitabiotics The Company Vitabiotics are without doubt one of the UK’s leading vitamin manufacturers – operating for an impressive 45 years. It’s likely that you’ve seen their plethora of products on the shelves of Boots and...

Product Review: Nature’s Garden Turmeric


An in-depth review of Nature’s Garden Turmeric.  Image: Holland & Barrett Turmeric may be known as a spice that adds a unique flavour and bright yellow colour to curries. Turmeric is a “super botanical”, which is native to South Asia, and has been used as a natural health and wellness remedy for thousands of years.  Studies have revealed that the root of the turmeric plant contains...

Product Review: Seven Seas Joint Care Supplex and Turmeric


We took an in-depth look at one of the UK’s most popular joint supplements: Seven Seas Joint Care Supplex and Turmeric. Turmeric is known as a “miracle” natural ingredient for health and wellness. Although it is better known as a flavourful yellow cooking spice, it also has numerous health benefits when taken on a daily basis.  In recent years, scientists and doctors have conducted many...